This is us

SUNDESK EUROPE began its operation as a small scale and humble manufacturing company in Malaysia.

We began our operation by producing small metal components from the tooling we manufactured to customer designs along with metal fabrication works for different industries across the country. Our organization has grown due to the value of team work, innovation, honesty and passion.

We might be small in scale but our ambition is high, thus inspiring us to move forward and holding on to the spirit of never giving up.

work! smart is great.


“Small people have big dreams” but at Sundesk, we work on our dreams and make them come true. We participate in many international exhibitions and fairs such as MIFF (Malaysia), CIFF (China), ORGATEC (Germany), NEOCON (Chicago) and ERGOEXPO (Las Vegas).

Going International

“Small people have big dream” but in sundesk, we work on our dreams. We participate in many international exhibition and fair such as MIFF (Malaysia), CIFF (China), ORGATEC (GERMANY), NEOCON (CHICAGO) and ERGOEXPO (Las Vegas).

Value Added

In conjunction with the market trends and needs and beside our normal standard product ranges, we can also manufacturer purpose designed units to suit the OEM market demands, this enables our customers to have branded units within their product ranges designed to suit their various applications.

new chapter

Visionary leaders

As we grow, our visionary leaders have driven us to a new chapter in our growth by investing in advance modern machinery in order to be competitive and to meet our expand business internationally and locally.

Coupled with this expansion, our innovative design department with the support of our hard-working production have now been able to include in our range of quality products a series of height adjustable desk frames such as manual hand crank, electric single / double motor and many more options.

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